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The Purcell Family‘s House built by Naikoon

About Construction Cares

Construction Cares is the brainchild of Joe Geluch, President of Naikoon Contracting Ltd. Net funds raised at Construction Cares will go directly to the MPS II Research Fund, which is managed by The Isaac Foundation.
The Isaac Foundation’s practices are amazing: 99% of funds earned go directly to research; they charge no administrative fees; they have a small medical board of 3 doctors who rate all requests for research funds; and they manage research funds for several types of MPS.
Over the next few years we are aiming to raise $2 million at Construction Cares, as this is the lowest possible cost to send a potential cure for MPS II to human clinical trials. Great thanks to all our sponsors, partners, donors, in-kind supporters and guests for joining us in our quest to fund a cure.

How Did Naikoon Get Involved?

In 2016, the Purcell family hired Naikoon Contracting to build a home for their family that required several special features to account for their first-born child Trey’s MPS II requirements.
The crew developed a fondness for Trey while building and interacting with the family and wanted to do something to help.
The Purcell family had hosted several fundraising endeavours over the years, one being the Once Upon a Cure Gala and three Tacos for Trey events, which together raised over $220,000.

With a growing family, Deb and Ryan Purcell decided to take time away from organizing large scale fundraising events to focus on Trey and his siblings, and to participate in other events supporting the cause. In 2017 Naikoon approached the Purcells to sponsor and plan a fundraising event to help fund a cure for MPS II, which developed into Construction Cares.

Trey Purcell
Trey and Deb Purcell
Trey and Ryan Purcell

Who is Trey Purcell?

Trey Purcell is a 14-year-old North Vancouver resident with MPS II, also known as Hunter Syndrome, is the eldest of 4 siblings (with another on the way!), son of Deb and Ryan Purcell and the inspiration behind Construction Cares.
Trey was welcomed into the world in March 2004. He was in seemingly good health, but as his 1st year passed, his parents experienced increasingly frequent visits to health care practitioners for various minor ailments and concerns.
In 2006, tests were ordered on Trey’s liver and spleen. So began an arduous series of appointments leading to the eventual diagnosis of MPS Type II – a rare and degenerative enzyme disorder that primarily affects males.
The condition was considered terminal and no treatment existed. Hope came in the form of an Enzyme Replacement Therapy called IV Elaprase. With fierce advocacy and the help of supportive health care practitioners, people within the BC Ministry of Health, and Shire Human Genetic Therapies, Trey began treatment on February 5th, 2007.
IV Elaprase has helped Trey’s body tremendously but did not stop the progression of the disease in his brain. In 2011, Trey qualified for a clinical Intrathecal trial based out of the University of North Carolina that injects the missing enzyme via lumbar puncture into Trey’s central nervous system. This treatment is required every 4 weeks, and while this drug is amazingly holding Trey stable, it is not yet approved and thus not available to many others with MPS II who are still progressing, and it is not a cure. The MPS II Fund is in place to conduct fundraising, raise awareness, and support research for a cure.

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On behalf of Naikoon Contracting Ltd., the Purcell family and The Isaac Foundation, thank you to all of our amazing Sponsors, Donors, Partners, Volunteers and guests for making our inaugural event such a huge success and for raising awareness of MPS II. Image by Kaidra Mitchell @captureyournow |

For information on becoming involved as a Sponsor, Donor or Volunteer please contact Joe Geluch at

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