In most cases, open houses happen after a project is finished. Our client, James Dean, however, wanted to host an event at his home, our CLT Construction and passive houseProject Radcliffe – to to show the progress thus far.

We were thrilled about James’ open house! Not only did it allow our many suppliers, subcontractors and passive house experts to connect with visitors, educating them about various products and services, but it also gave visitors a sneak peek into our Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Construction in West Vancouver.

What is Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Construction?

CLT Construction uses Cross Laminated Timber. Cross Laminated Timber is a wood panel created by gluing different pieces of solid lumber together.

Isn’t that just plywood?

Not quite… Plywood uses thin pieces of wood and has layers that all go in the same direction. Cross Laminated Timber uses thicker layers and each layer of wood is perpendicular to the one before it (like a Jenga tower).

There are a number of reasons we use Cross Laminated Timber in our builds and why Project Radcliffe is a CLT passive house:

  • CLT is an eco-friendly, sustainable material.
  • CLT’s thick, perpendicular layers make it stronger than both plywood and regular wood.
  • CLT has great versatility. It can be used in a variety of places in a build, including the ceiling, roof and walls.
  • CLT’s many layers allow it to provide better insulation than other wood products. That makes it a must in environmentally conscious builds like Project Radcliffe – our CLT passive house!   
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Sharing Project Radcliffe – our CLT Construction and passive house – with the public

We loved the Project Radcliffe open house – and appreciate James giving us a chance to share our passion for CLT Construction with visitors to the passive house!

The day was perfect, with a great host keep everything on track and plenty of food and wine!

Our favourite thing about the open house, though, was the many suppliers, subcontractors and passive house experts James brought in.

As the owner and CEO of Core, an energy recovering solutions company, James also has a passion for CLT Construction and eco-friendly, sustainable builds. Therefore, with the Project Radcliffe open house, he wanted to share information with visitors about the many green build companies and experts who have brought their expertise to the CLT passive house.

James’ company, Core, was also at the open house, serving as the host for the day’s events. Core was the perfect host – not just because it’s James’ company, but also because it’s an incredible, innovative company working in the green build space. Core produces air-to-heat exchangers for high-performance homes, net zero homes and passive houses. Of course, the company’s exchangers are a feature of James’ CLT passive house. Just another reason for them to host!

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In case you weren’t able to join us at this CLT passive house event, here are a few of the companies you should check out!

  • Siga : a tape and membrane company that provides superior air and weather sealing.
  • Glasbox : a window and door systems company that works with us on many of our CLT Constructions and green builds.
  • JTB Installations : a window installation company who we also often work with on CLT Constructions and green builds.
  • Cutmytimber : a company that specializes in prefabricated wall and floor assemblies, and who provided us with the prefabricated Cross Laminated Timber walls for Project Radcliffe.
  • Econgroup : Econgroup has been our Passive House Consultant, helping us make our CLT passive house a reality.
  • Integral Group : our advisors on the design of the mechanical and HVAC system in our CLT passive house.
  • Vrec Solar : the company who installed the solar panels on the roof of our CLT Construction.
  • Schoeck Group : producers of a thermal break element that prevents thermal bridges – a must have for any CLT Construction.
  • Paris Plumbing and Heating : the company behind all the plumbing at our CLT passive house.
  • Kybe Electrical : the team who handled the electrical work for Project Radcliffe and one of our key subcontractors who work with us on the majority of our green builds.
  • Passive House Canada : the national organization promoting passive house builds in Canada.
  • Bettina Balcaen : the Architect at Battersby Howat whose incredible vision is coming to life at our CLT passive house!

We know all the people who do the work behind the scenes to make our CLT Construction passive house, Project Radcliffe, a reality. So it was amazing to share what they do with the many visitors at the open house!

Ready to discuss a CLT Construction project of your own? Drop us a line!   

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