Small Footprint Luxury Living at its Finest: The Ridge Project

By |March 2nd, 2018|blog|


A short while ago, while planning a new development project, we explored the concept of missing middle housing. This style of building – and subdividing older buildings – allows for more diverse neighborhoods, due to multiple sized options for renters and buyers alike.



If you’ve looked around at Vancouver’s condo towers lately, you can see that this blended style of housing is definitely in short supply.

 With the help of the Tina Hubert at Design Studio 8, we’ve set out to build our own missing middle style of development – small footprint living that’s a little bit luxurious, and a lot eco-friendly.


The Ridge started with a large (66 foot) city lot zoned for a duplex, which we divided into two normal size lots. On the first, we’re building a 2600 square ft. lot with a 700 sq. ft. laneway house behind it.

On the second, we’re building two 1800 sq. ft. homes, which will share a garage.

Each option allows for a different kind of living: the 2600 sq. ft. home is obviously ideal for a larger family, where the 700 sq. ft. laneway house is well suited to a couple, or a single person.



The 1800 sq. ft. homes are the most exciting for us – they still fall within Vancouver’s size crunch, making them eco-friendly due to their footprint, alone. But they’ll also be crazy energy efficient and built with the same attention to detail we pay the large homes we build on huge lots.

We’ll even be pursuing a Net Zero Energy rating for one of the smaller homes – and then putting it on the market next year. (If you’ve ever wanted to own a Naikoon-built home without the investment or space, this is a great opportunity!)



We deal in custom homes, so the Ridge isn’t the classic form of Missing Middle Housing – but we’re stoked to be working on a project that breathes a little more life & diversity (not to mention energy efficiency) into urban density.