Masset Airport Awarded “Silver Wings” for Environmental Impact

By |August 9th, 2017|blog|

In 2013 we were contracted to build the Masset Airport in Haida Gwaii. The project was straightforward and fun to do – our roots are in Masset, and we love to give back to the village community however we can.

We’re delighted to hear that the structure has been awarded Silver Wings award from the BC Aviation Council for its newfound energy efficiency.

While we weren’t involved in the upgrade, last year the Chief Analytics Officer of the village of Port Clements in Haida Gwaii championed the addition of solar panels to four structures across the islands. Terratek Energy Solutions, who we often work with on our projects, installed the panels on the airport.

Image: Terratek Energy Solutions

The south-facing slope of the roof was covered in a solar array, and a battery backup system was installed to help transfer power back to the Haida Gwaii grid. In total, it’s estimated that the four solar arrays installed as part of the project can now power anywhere between 30-60 homes annually – a nice relief for the mostly-diesel generators currently used for power on the islands.

Haida Gwaii is a pretty isolated place relative to the rest of BC, so it’s awesome to see this kind of energy-efficient technology taking hold up there… and in conjunction with one of our past project, to boot!

Congrats to the Masset Airport and the Village of Masset from all of us!

The Haida Gwaii Observer celebrates the award.