The Future is Here! Our First Virtual 3D Construction Project

By |February 7th, 2018|blog|

Back in the summer we wrote about building with wood, in the form of Cross-Laminated Timbers. We were in the planning stages for a new project, the West Bay Passive House, and we were excited about the potential for CLTs in the realm of energy-efficient homebuilding. This home is also aiming for the Net Zero label, so we need to be on our game in terms of green technology.

Two weeks ago, the rubber hit the road on the West Bay project – and we entered the next level of innovative homebuilding.

Together with the CLT manufacturers, our steel supplier, and our assembly team, we spent two full days, not onsite, but in our boardroom, where we conducted our first-ever virtual, 3D project assembly.

Over two (long) days, we used virtual 3D modelling to plan, assess, reassess, and confirm how the CLT panels would come together to form the house. We also had our architect, engineer, window supplier and insulation folks on hand, adding valuable insight and information.

It was epic! The real wins are evident in the outcome, though – after two days in the comfort of the boardroom, we were able to avoid any headaches or delays on site, and managed to build the entirety of the structure in 5 short days – as opposed to the 9 weeks it normally takes us!

We will definitely be employing this model of homebuilding again – it creates incredible efficiency, reduces waste, and ensures our team and all our subcontractors are on the same page.

See some pictures from assembly day below.